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Hey….I couldn’t keep up two blogs…again. 😦  So I’m back to posting everything – knitting included – back at my normal blog:  Journaling Back to Joy.  Please visit me there.

Amy 🙂


Brett’s Graduation Gift

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I got Brett to watch my Firefly & Serenity DVDs this Spring…so when he graduated I thought I’d knit him a Jayne Cobb Hat. He might be the only person in my family who’d actually wear it! LOL

But I’m worried it might be a bit too big…here it is – in progress – modeled by J1 and J2:


March 15, 2008 at 6:34 pm | Posted in Baby Items | 3 Comments

Yeah! The Bunnies have faces! One for JGirl and one for Miss E!  Now I need to think of something for Mr. A.  I seriously doubt it will be knit though! 🙂


Skirt with tie

March 15, 2008 at 3:17 pm | Posted in 2008, Baby Items | 2 Comments

Finished the tie for the skirt.  Wish I could get into Flickr so I could upload these to Ravelry!


Dusting off the blog!

March 15, 2008 at 11:52 am | Posted in 2008, Baby Items, Garments, Knitting Update | 2 Comments

It’s been well over a month since I’ve posted here!  Pardon the dust bunnies!!  However, in the midst of everything I’ve been knitting – really I have!!

Here is my proof:


The bunny is stuffed and just needs a face.  I’d skip it, but faceless dolls really bother a couple of my kids.  So, I have the thread and just need to do it!

I also started on for my little friend, Miss E.  My goal is to have both of them done by Easter.



Thursday night – during Lost – I started this skirt for JGirl.  I think it took me about 5 hours all together.  I still need to make a crochet chain from the accent yarn to use a tie.  Details can be found on my Ravelry page (Knitnmom).


I also have the yarn to make a Jayne hat for my brother’s graduation gift! 🙂

Due to JGirl’s upcoming arrival I’ve put Secret of the Stole ii into hibernation.  And, I have some simple socks I’m working on – should be a nice purse project!

Picture Time!

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Proof I’ve been knitting! 🙂

Mom’s birthday socks….


Secret of the Stole 2 – mid clue 2….


Diaper Wrap…




What to knit? What to knit?

January 26, 2008 at 9:58 am | Posted in Knitting Update | 4 Comments

If you read my journal you know that my life is about to change – in a big way. In a ‘not-much-time-to-knit’ kind of way.

It is really making me think about what I’m knitting.  I’ve started the Secret of the Stole 2, and I love it. However, I’m only about 70% done with clue 1 and clue 2 was just released.  There are 9 clues total – the last being issued March 19.  If we get CJ in late March – and I can catch up and stay caught up – I could have a stole finished before she gets here!  Because after she gets here – I doubt I can knit lace for a few years.  (pausing for a moment of freaking out!!)

I should work on my boxers – but I’m pretty sure that is something I can do during our upcoming travels and other times when mindless knitting will be the trick.  So I’ll save those for a bit.

Part of me thinks I need to start knitting bibs and diaper wraps and baby socks and all that.  And, part of me is just too afraid.  I know that’s silly…but I’m still a bit afraid.  Even telling myself that if something horrible should happen, that I can donate the items, I am afraid to cast them on.

I guess I’m just thinking out loud again.   But if you have any thoughts or advice, I’d love the feedback!

Does this make me a liar??

January 21, 2008 at 8:40 pm | Posted in KALs, lace knitting | 1 Comment

Could it instead be that I’m fickle? Would that be better?!

Remember 3 days ago when I said…

While I did join Secret of the Stole 2 – I’ve decided I’m not going to knit along. I want to make sure it will be a pattern I’ll be happy with when completed. Too much work to find out you don’t like it. I guess I’m too practical to enjoy the mystery part of it!

Well….I started it today! I’m about 2 froggings and 19 rows (+ lifeline – I’m learning!) into it. I’m using the Knit Picks Shadow in Oregon coast that I have on hand…but I’ll need one more skein. I was going to order it to day (thought I’d put it in the middle where a slight color change might not matter) but I got distracted. 😦

So, I’ve got my boxers for mindless knitting and this for concentration! I need to put it away now because I’m finally going to watch “Northanger Abbey” that I taped last night! And, I joined The Complete Jane Austen KAL! Adding the graphic to my sidebar next!

January update

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Our daytime knit group is going well!  It certainly makes the week go quicker!  I love waking up on Tuesday morning and knowing that it’s Knit Night and then Wednesday morning we get to do it again!

I finished Baby Susannah’s Dress….I need to ship it to Tennessee still.  Have I already said that? Well, this week!  I promise.

I’m still working on my boxers.  It’s the perfect mindless knitting! 🙂

And, I started some socks for my mom – her birthday is at the end of this month.

Did you all hear that KnitPicks has longer circular needles now?  I will be ordering some for Magic Loop very soon!  Yeah!!!

While I did join Secret of the Stole 2 – I’ve decided I’m not going to knit along.  I want to make sure it will be a pattern I’ll be happy with when completed.  Too much work to find out you don’t like it.  I guess I’m too practical to enjoy the mystery part of it!

Truly, not much is going on in my knitting life.  But I’m thankful for the steadiness of it!  Knitting has gotten me through some rough patches of my life and continues too!

First DAY Knit

January 9, 2008 at 6:06 pm | Posted in 2008, Local Knitters | 2 Comments

I’ve been getting together in the evenings with some friends to knit for about 3 years. We used to meet at a local book store, but now we meet at the library. Today was our first DAY knit meeting. We met at my house and had a great turn out! Steph had a very rare day off and joined us. Trina (w A & E), Ruth & Margaret will hopefully be regulars. We were missing Robin – hopefully she’ll be able to join us in the future. If YOU live in the area, email me and I’ll be sure you know how to join us! 🙂

Here are some pics from our time together:


Margaret & Ruth




Trina & Baby E starting a new project




A enjoying the swift






J3 and baby E

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