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August 24, 2007 at 9:22 am | Posted in Baby Items, KALs, lace knitting, Socks | 2 Comments
  • Mystery Stole #3 – yep, I’m a quitter! I was going very slowly – and I was ok with that. But then when I saw the asymmetrical pattern, I lost interest in finishing. I’m just a little too much Bert in order to feel comfortable with it. I knew I’d never wear it. Don’t get me wrong – it’s beautiful – it’s just not for me!
  • So, I consoled myself with jumping onto another one! LOL The Secret of the Stole will start in October – and I’m going to try again! I know…it’s probably not wise…but it makes me happy!
  • J3’s socks – aka August’s socks for “Sock of the Month KAL” – I’m at the heels and my deadline is to have them done and photos taken by August 31 – that’s 7 days!
  • The Fetchings for my sister are going well…one left to do. I started it at Back to School night last night – and was knitting too tight (or maybe I grabbed the wrong needle??) and it’s significantly smaller. I’m going to need to frog it and start over.
  • Plugging away on my Boxers -ladies at Knit Night are starting to catch up with me – I’d better get more done!!
  • Oh! My boss found out she’s having a girl! Off to buy PINK yarn today!!

So, that is what is new with me on the knitting front. It’s been a tough week for me – not even time to knit like I wanted to! Next week will be better, or else!



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  1. Glad to have you in the Secret of the Stole group. Thanks for joining.

  2. Don’t feel bad after frogging my MS# for the fifth time, I decided that the pattern was not good for a “FIRST” time lace project. Plus I had Mahogany Zephyr lace yarn and not quite a good choice for a swan lol. But I “WILL” make that stole eventually. I am excited about the Secret of a Stole. I also joined the Bee Fields Shawl KAL lol. You can see my first lace project I finished on my blog :

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