September 25, 2007 at 9:29 am | Posted in Local Knitters | 2 Comments

Last week I found out that a yarn store in West Sacramento was closing and today I found out that the yarn store I love in Davis is closing. I’m so bummed! I also found out someone is opening a store here in Woodland next month, but I was feeling conflicted because I’d hate to have the Davis store close….and now it is. So, now I feel like the Woodland store can’t possibly make it either. (sigh)

I try to buy from local stores whenever possible, but due to our budget I also need to buy online (KnitPicks). I feel guilty. But I honestly can say that I shopped there as much as possible. But I guess I still feel guilty. 😦



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  1. don’t feel guilty!!! I feel guilty for leaving Davis a yarnshopless town, but it really just isn’t making it right now – we’ll continue having knit nights and stuff and maybe try again in a couple of years! I appreciate you being a customer so much and for helping and I of all people understand the living on a budget!

  2. Hi Knitnmom, I was really sad to hear about KnittersPlayground too. It was by far my favorite store in the area. What’s closing in West Sac? Rumplestiltskin? And what is opening in Woodland?

    OMG, knittersplayground, I wish you would try again in a couple of years.

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