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Yeah! The Bunnies have faces! One for JGirl and one for Miss E!  Now I need to think of something for Mr. A.  I seriously doubt it will be knit though! 🙂



Skirt with tie

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Finished the tie for the skirt.  Wish I could get into Flickr so I could upload these to Ravelry!


Dusting off the blog!

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It’s been well over a month since I’ve posted here!  Pardon the dust bunnies!!  However, in the midst of everything I’ve been knitting – really I have!!

Here is my proof:


The bunny is stuffed and just needs a face.  I’d skip it, but faceless dolls really bother a couple of my kids.  So, I have the thread and just need to do it!

I also started on for my little friend, Miss E.  My goal is to have both of them done by Easter.



Thursday night – during Lost – I started this skirt for JGirl.  I think it took me about 5 hours all together.  I still need to make a crochet chain from the accent yarn to use a tie.  Details can be found on my Ravelry page (Knitnmom).


I also have the yarn to make a Jayne hat for my brother’s graduation gift! 🙂

Due to JGirl’s upcoming arrival I’ve put Secret of the Stole ii into hibernation.  And, I have some simple socks I’m working on – should be a nice purse project!

Picture Time!

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Proof I’ve been knitting! 🙂

Mom’s birthday socks….


Secret of the Stole 2 – mid clue 2….


Diaper Wrap…




FO: Pinwheel Baby Blanket

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Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in “Wisteria”
Needles: US 7
Modeled by Miss E 😉 my blogless friend, Trina’s baby girl

Hold onto your socks!

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If you can visit me in Ravelry – you need to do that – because I’ve finally taken photos of all of my stash! Well, the stash I’m going to admit to, anyway! I have tons more cotton and older project yarn…but I’m not going to worry about them right now! I’m Knitnmom on Ravelry if you haven’t added me as a friend yet!

In addition to buying new yarn, I’ve been knitting! I’ve just been bad about taking pictures! 🙂 So, hold onto your socks….here’s a firehose of projects! (Click on picture to make them bigger)
Recently finished….


Kieran’s Stocking


Big Shrug

J1’s Socks (no good picture)

Argosy Dishcloth


Connie’s Handwarmers

Works in Progress….

Pinwheel Blanket (no new photo)
Pretty in Pink Scarf
DH’s Alpaca Scarf
Boxers (no new photo)
Baby Susanna’s Dress (no new photo)

New Yarn….New Projects….

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With the closing of our local yarn store, there are some great deals to be had. The day we heard about the store closing – I unexpectedly found myself there and pick up some Tofutsies:

tofutsies_beige.jpg tofutsies_greyblack.jpg

And then Ruth went there on a day I could not go – and she found Cotton Fleece in “Wisteria”


and Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in “Argyle” and “Mixed Berries”


and then I cast on this pinwheel blanket – Lord willing I’ll be able to wrap up “Princess” in it before Christmas!


Hand Warmers (aka Gauntlets)

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I was knitting some hand warmers for my stepmom’s birthday. But when my boys saw them they LOVED them! So, now I’m going to need to knit another pair for J1 (J2 claimed these) and one for my stepmom….or maybe something else.



Also, I finished the back of the baby dress for Baby Suarez:


It was hard to photograph because of rolling – but when I seam it up – it should look very nice! Baby is due mid-Dec – I’d better get busy!

Details can be found at Ravelry

Knitting News

August 24, 2007 at 9:22 am | Posted in Baby Items, KALs, lace knitting, Socks | 2 Comments
  • Mystery Stole #3 – yep, I’m a quitter! I was going very slowly – and I was ok with that. But then when I saw the asymmetrical pattern, I lost interest in finishing. I’m just a little too much Bert in order to feel comfortable with it. I knew I’d never wear it. Don’t get me wrong – it’s beautiful – it’s just not for me!
  • So, I consoled myself with jumping onto another one! LOL The Secret of the Stole will start in October – and I’m going to try again! I know…it’s probably not wise…but it makes me happy!
  • J3’s socks – aka August’s socks for “Sock of the Month KAL” – I’m at the heels and my deadline is to have them done and photos taken by August 31 – that’s 7 days!
  • The Fetchings for my sister are going well…one left to do. I started it at Back to School night last night – and was knitting too tight (or maybe I grabbed the wrong needle??) and it’s significantly smaller. I’m going to need to frog it and start over.
  • Plugging away on my Boxers -ladies at Knit Night are starting to catch up with me – I’d better get more done!!
  • Oh! My boss found out she’s having a girl! Off to buy PINK yarn today!!

So, that is what is new with me on the knitting front. It’s been a tough week for me – not even time to knit like I wanted to! Next week will be better, or else!

Finished 5 Hour Baby Sweater, w/Hood

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5 Hour Baby Sweater, w/Hood, started February 19th, 2007, finished February 27th, 2007 – 9 days!! Not 5 hours! LOL Actually I really don’t know how many hours it took me – maybe I’ll track that next time.
Pattern: Quickie (or “5-Hour”) Baby Sweater Pattern From FiberGypsy
Yarn: Lion Brand Woolease
Needles: Denise Size 10.5
Would I knit it again? Yep!

Here’s another one I did last month (no hood this time):

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