“Hers” of “His & Hers” Stockings

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The Heel…for Lauren

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The Christmas stocking is done in the round – and where I want the heel, I stitch in waste yarn.  Then I continue to the toe.  I decrease the toe and then Kitchner to close it.  I go back to the heel and pick up the stitches top and bottom in the round.  I decrease it just like the toe and then Kitchner it to close it.  It couldn’t be simpler!  And I assume it would work on normal socks too – but I’ve not done it.

Let me know if you try it.  🙂

Look what nervous energy can do!

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Just need to add the name and make the hanging loop….and make the other one! But I started this last night while watching a movie and it took 2 movies today!

So, there is a good side to being in a funk I guess!

Hold onto your socks!

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If you can visit me in Ravelry – you need to do that – because I’ve finally taken photos of all of my stash! Well, the stash I’m going to admit to, anyway! I have tons more cotton and older project yarn…but I’m not going to worry about them right now! I’m Knitnmom on Ravelry if you haven’t added me as a friend yet!

In addition to buying new yarn, I’ve been knitting! I’ve just been bad about taking pictures! 🙂 So, hold onto your socks….here’s a firehose of projects! (Click on picture to make them bigger)
Recently finished….


Kieran’s Stocking


Big Shrug

J1’s Socks (no good picture)

Argosy Dishcloth


Connie’s Handwarmers

Works in Progress….

Pinwheel Blanket (no new photo)
Pretty in Pink Scarf
DH’s Alpaca Scarf
Boxers (no new photo)
Baby Susanna’s Dress (no new photo)

Promised Pics!

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So, here’s an update in the photography department!

First, here is my September Socks…starting to turn the heel! I work two at a time…but I’m a chicken…when I start the heel flaps I move to two needles and work them independently…only moving both back to one needle when the heels are completely done!


The Dropped Stitch Scarf for my Secret Sister:



Fetching for my sister:


Update on my Boxers – yes, it’s just a blob of yarn….structure comes later!


Beginnings of some secret Christmas knitting:


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Pictures of finished knitting objects from 2006 and earlier.

The following only represents about a third of what I actually knit this year.  I WILL be better about taking pictures of my completed objects from now on!  I didn’t even remember knitting a few of these things!

Ribbon Scarf

ribbon hat with rolled brim

1 of 3 baby kimonos from Mason Dixon Knitting book (photo only taken half way)

Lost Points Shawl (only photo from halfway)

three felted purses (two in back were done by me)

2 socks on 2 circulars (for DH)

Dancing Socks “Monet” 2 socks on Magic Loop

Dancing Socks “Monet” 2 socks on Magic Loop
Christmas Stocking from my SIL (no picture taken of one I did for my niece)

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