Picture Time!

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Proof I’ve been knitting! 🙂

Mom’s birthday socks….


Secret of the Stole 2 – mid clue 2….


Diaper Wrap…




Does this make me a liar??

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Could it instead be that I’m fickle? Would that be better?!

Remember 3 days ago when I said…

While I did join Secret of the Stole 2 – I’ve decided I’m not going to knit along. I want to make sure it will be a pattern I’ll be happy with when completed. Too much work to find out you don’t like it. I guess I’m too practical to enjoy the mystery part of it!

Well….I started it today! I’m about 2 froggings and 19 rows (+ lifeline – I’m learning!) into it. I’m using the Knit Picks Shadow in Oregon coast that I have on hand…but I’ll need one more skein. I was going to order it to day (thought I’d put it in the middle where a slight color change might not matter) but I got distracted. 😦

So, I’ve got my boxers for mindless knitting and this for concentration! I need to put it away now because I’m finally going to watch “Northanger Abbey” that I taped last night! And, I joined The Complete Jane Austen KAL! Adding the graphic to my sidebar next!

January update

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Our daytime knit group is going well!  It certainly makes the week go quicker!  I love waking up on Tuesday morning and knowing that it’s Knit Night and then Wednesday morning we get to do it again!

I finished Baby Susannah’s Dress….I need to ship it to Tennessee still.  Have I already said that? Well, this week!  I promise.

I’m still working on my boxers.  It’s the perfect mindless knitting! 🙂

And, I started some socks for my mom – her birthday is at the end of this month.

Did you all hear that KnitPicks has longer circular needles now?  I will be ordering some for Magic Loop very soon!  Yeah!!!

While I did join Secret of the Stole 2 – I’ve decided I’m not going to knit along.  I want to make sure it will be a pattern I’ll be happy with when completed.  Too much work to find out you don’t like it.  I guess I’m too practical to enjoy the mystery part of it!

Truly, not much is going on in my knitting life.  But I’m thankful for the steadiness of it!  Knitting has gotten me through some rough patches of my life and continues too!

Third Time the charm?

December 10, 2007 at 9:26 am | Posted in 2008, KALs, lace knitting | 1 Comment

I have tried and failed to finish two secret lace knit alongs! The second was not really my fault, but when I realized I had unsubbed accidently – I just let it go!

But I’m trying again! I might not knit along – so much depends on what happens to our family in the new year! Here is the link if you want to join me!

Secret of the Stole II webpage

Secret of the Stole II yahoogroup


Hold onto your socks!

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If you can visit me in Ravelry – you need to do that – because I’ve finally taken photos of all of my stash! Well, the stash I’m going to admit to, anyway! I have tons more cotton and older project yarn…but I’m not going to worry about them right now! I’m Knitnmom on Ravelry if you haven’t added me as a friend yet!

In addition to buying new yarn, I’ve been knitting! I’ve just been bad about taking pictures! 🙂 So, hold onto your socks….here’s a firehose of projects! (Click on picture to make them bigger)
Recently finished….


Kieran’s Stocking


Big Shrug

J1’s Socks (no good picture)

Argosy Dishcloth


Connie’s Handwarmers

Works in Progress….

Pinwheel Blanket (no new photo)
Pretty in Pink Scarf
DH’s Alpaca Scarf
Boxers (no new photo)
Baby Susanna’s Dress (no new photo)

September Socks – Finis!

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Sept Socks for J2


Sept Socks for J2

Sadly it took me two days to Kitchner the toes! LOL
But they are done!

Done cuff down, 2 at a time, Magic Loop

Pattern: Baby Cable Rib, from Charlene Schurch’s “Sensational Knitted Socks”

Yarn: Regia Plus Cotton Color

Promised Pics!

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So, here’s an update in the photography department!

First, here is my September Socks…starting to turn the heel! I work two at a time…but I’m a chicken…when I start the heel flaps I move to two needles and work them independently…only moving both back to one needle when the heels are completely done!


The Dropped Stitch Scarf for my Secret Sister:



Fetching for my sister:


Update on my Boxers – yes, it’s just a blob of yarn….structure comes later!


Beginnings of some secret Christmas knitting:


Instant Gratification & September Socks

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Will you all read a post without pictures?  It’s just TOO hot and my head is hurting too much to go outside and take pictures right now. If I remember I’ll take a few tomorrow morning before church while it’s cool.

Instant Gratification….

Tuesday night at Knit Night one of the gals brought in 3 bags of yarn!  Ribbons and novelty yarn – but also some nice wool.  I took a bit of wool for gloves or hats but also some Berroco Quest Color yarn.  I knit up a quick Dropped Stitch scarf for my secret pal at church.  I hope she’ll enjoy it.  I love those super quick projects…don’t you?!?

September Socks….

I cast on and finished the initial ribbing for some socks for J2.  I think I’m going to do the Baby cable rib pattern out of Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks.  I’m using some Regia Cotton Plus that I got from Ruth awhile back.  J2 is pretty sensitive about textures, so I hope he’ll like it.

Also on the needles…

  • Boxers – I’m about 95% done with the first side.  I’m also about 1/2 through the red yarn..hope I make it!!
  • Beth’s Fetching…I’m about 1/3 done with the 2nd one.  Once I finish it her birthday present is done!
  • I want to make about 20 miniature Christmas stocking ornaments for Christmas – but I’m having trouble getting started.
  • Big Shrug.  Almost time to take it out of storage and finish it!

Take off those socks, it’s 104 outside!!

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That boy!  He loved those socks so much he wore them all day long…even though it was 104 outside!!  And, today he insisted on wearing them again because it’s picture day! LOL  I started to protest because (1) he wore them all day yesterday and (2) pictures are of your FACE – not your feet.  And then I remember you are only in first grade once…let it go Momma….let it go!  (sigh)

So, this is the only picture he and his socks would hold still for!


Pattern:  Garter Rib from Charlene Schurch’s “Sensational Knitted Socks” book

Yarn:  “Night Lights”, Superwash Merino sock yarn from CavyShops

Needles:  Lace Addis #2, Magic Loop, 2 at once, Cuff down

I did it!!

August 29, 2007 at 6:06 am | Posted in 2007, KALs, Socks | 1 Comment

The August socks – aka J3’s Garter Rib Socks – for the “Sock A Month KAL” are DONE!!!

I finished them at Knit Night last night but when I got home, J3 was in bed already…so I showed them to him first thing this morning. They fit great! So great in fact, he never took them off! So, no photos until tonight – I hope. I want to photograph them outdoors so you all can see the great colors!

PHEW – glad they are done!! I’ll post details on the socks when I post the pictures!

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