Picture Time!

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Proof I’ve been knitting! 🙂

Mom’s birthday socks….


Secret of the Stole 2 – mid clue 2….


Diaper Wrap…




Does this make me a liar??

January 21, 2008 at 8:40 pm | Posted in KALs, lace knitting | 1 Comment

Could it instead be that I’m fickle? Would that be better?!

Remember 3 days ago when I said…

While I did join Secret of the Stole 2 – I’ve decided I’m not going to knit along. I want to make sure it will be a pattern I’ll be happy with when completed. Too much work to find out you don’t like it. I guess I’m too practical to enjoy the mystery part of it!

Well….I started it today! I’m about 2 froggings and 19 rows (+ lifeline – I’m learning!) into it. I’m using the Knit Picks Shadow in Oregon coast that I have on hand…but I’ll need one more skein. I was going to order it to day (thought I’d put it in the middle where a slight color change might not matter) but I got distracted. 😦

So, I’ve got my boxers for mindless knitting and this for concentration! I need to put it away now because I’m finally going to watch “Northanger Abbey” that I taped last night! And, I joined The Complete Jane Austen KAL! Adding the graphic to my sidebar next!

Third Time the charm?

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I have tried and failed to finish two secret lace knit alongs! The second was not really my fault, but when I realized I had unsubbed accidently – I just let it go!

But I’m trying again! I might not knit along – so much depends on what happens to our family in the new year! Here is the link if you want to join me!

Secret of the Stole II webpage

Secret of the Stole II yahoogroup


Knitting News

August 24, 2007 at 9:22 am | Posted in Baby Items, KALs, lace knitting, Socks | 2 Comments
  • Mystery Stole #3 – yep, I’m a quitter! I was going very slowly – and I was ok with that. But then when I saw the asymmetrical pattern, I lost interest in finishing. I’m just a little too much Bert in order to feel comfortable with it. I knew I’d never wear it. Don’t get me wrong – it’s beautiful – it’s just not for me!
  • So, I consoled myself with jumping onto another one! LOL The Secret of the Stole will start in October – and I’m going to try again! I know…it’s probably not wise…but it makes me happy!
  • J3’s socks – aka August’s socks for “Sock of the Month KAL” – I’m at the heels and my deadline is to have them done and photos taken by August 31 – that’s 7 days!
  • The Fetchings for my sister are going well…one left to do. I started it at Back to School night last night – and was knitting too tight (or maybe I grabbed the wrong needle??) and it’s significantly smaller. I’m going to need to frog it and start over.
  • Plugging away on my Boxers -ladies at Knit Night are starting to catch up with me – I’d better get more done!!
  • Oh! My boss found out she’s having a girl! Off to buy PINK yarn today!!

So, that is what is new with me on the knitting front. It’s been a tough week for me – not even time to knit like I wanted to! Next week will be better, or else!


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That is what my knitting is to me right now. Just a big sigh. Can I whine? Why thank you! 😉

  • The Mystery Stole #3 aka my “What am I thinking?!” Stole. It’s hard! I have to really concentrate – which is not always possible with 3 boys and hubby around. I can’t knit on it with anyone around because I might mess up if I don’t totally concentrate. However, I’m enjoying it. It’s definitely a challenge. And, even though I am still working on Clue #1 and others are working on (and might even be done with) Clue #4, I’m still enjoying it. I just wish I had more time to work on it.
  • My boxers – ok – I understand. The only other person knitting this pattern at Ravelry put it away saying “miles and miles of stockinette on size 3’s puts me to sleep……” Now, I get it. However, (me and my silver linings! LOL) it is perfect for Knit Night!
  • My Big Shrug….too hot to work on it.
  • Diagonal Lace Scarf…working it on straights. I H.A.T.E. straight needles!! I need to order some more circs so I can transfer this project.

I would feel better if I could finish something!! Maybe I need to do a quick dishcloth!

Psst…did you notice?

July 22, 2007 at 1:47 pm | Posted in Knitting Update, lace knitting | 2 Comments

< —–

See the progress bars?  Did you see I’m no longer on 0% for the Mystery Stole #3!!!!  😀

Diagonal Lace Scarf

July 16, 2007 at 12:49 pm | Posted in Knitting Update, lace knitting | Leave a comment

Ash asked about the pattern for the scarf.  I found it via Ravelry.  It’s called the “Diagonal Lace Scarf” and you can get the pattern here:  http://midnightpurls.blogspot.com/2006/08/free-pattern-diagonal-lace-scarf.html

Very easy pattern – only a simple six row repeat.  I love how nice it looks.

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