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That is what my knitting is to me right now. Just a big sigh. Can I whine? Why thank you! 😉

  • The Mystery Stole #3 aka my “What am I thinking?!” Stole. It’s hard! I have to really concentrate – which is not always possible with 3 boys and hubby around. I can’t knit on it with anyone around because I might mess up if I don’t totally concentrate. However, I’m enjoying it. It’s definitely a challenge. And, even though I am still working on Clue #1 and others are working on (and might even be done with) Clue #4, I’m still enjoying it. I just wish I had more time to work on it.
  • My boxers – ok – I understand. The only other person knitting this pattern at Ravelry put it away saying “miles and miles of stockinette on size 3’s puts me to sleep……” Now, I get it. However, (me and my silver linings! LOL) it is perfect for Knit Night!
  • My Big Shrug….too hot to work on it.
  • Diagonal Lace Scarf…working it on straights. I H.A.T.E. straight needles!! I need to order some more circs so I can transfer this project.

I would feel better if I could finish something!! Maybe I need to do a quick dishcloth!


More on Ravelry

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So I got my invite yesterday and I made good use of my time. I added 13 projects (finished and WIPs), Queued 2 projects (in other words, things you plan to knit), added 8 books from LibraryThing, stashed 8 yarns, added 10 friends and catalogued half of my needles. (I need to give some of these DPNs away – truly!)

I was very glad I had added my knitting photos to Flickr and my books to LibraryThing in preparation…but I wish I had completed the photo box (or started it! LOL) and photographed my stash.

So, to my friends who were wondering – Ravelry is a great organizational tool but it’s so much more than that! You can find others who are

  • Knitting in your neighborhood
  • Knitting the same things as you
  • Just plain knitters!!

If you haven’t signed up yet – do it! If you have and are waiting…take pics, get organized, and have patience! It’s worth it!!

I’m in Ravelry!!

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If you are too – add me! I’m…what else…Knitnmom! 🙂

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